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Error # 2- PRIVATELY OWNED EQUIPMENT- It's extremely appealing to make a handle somebody to reduce their rate and in return you will lease their devices. We've done this offer lot of times on low-budget sets and in some cases it exercises. BUT, when it does not exercise, this preliminary cost savings in cash might cost you THOUSANDS. We were shooting in the middle of the night for outside scenes and had actually leased a generator from our gaffer to power all the additional lighting. About 3AM the generator quit working and all the lights headed out. Considering that we leased the genny from a private, he did not have an emergency situation customer service and tech individuals on stand-by to come out and repair or change the genny. We were screwed and actually closed down for the night given that this was our last day of shooting and didn't require anymore scenes. We had actually made particular handle stars on the number of days they would work and now needed to go back to their representatives to attempt and get them for another night shoot and exercise all the schedule disputes. Given that we had SAG stars, we still needed to pay them for the entire night. It was a headache and in the end we did NOT conserve cash on our low-cost genny.